Our History

Our History

Who we are

The company was founded in Funo di Argelato, in 1965 as a small manufacturing company under the name T.D.B. Snc.

RES our CompanyInitially producing wheels for the Bologna area, cradle of Italian motoring, T.D.B. was quick to follow trends in the relevant armature such as compressors, welding machines, garage equipment in general, etc.

In 1978 T.D.B. became RES Srl.

In 1980, thanks to the brilliant intuition of its founder, RES Srl commenced for the first time in Europe, injection molding wheels made from the recycled rubber of shredded car tyres.

This new product, which is extremely flexible and economical, was commercialized first in Italy and then in Europe and adopted by leading manufacturers of compressors, welders, pressure washers, garden items, etc.

The success of this innovative product required RES to have to double, in a short time, its production space to make room for new machines adapted to molding recycled materials.

RES Historycal pictureArmed with this experience, RES dedicated itself to the development of more and more thermoplastic wheels, gradually abandoning sheet metal work. In 1990, RES transferred the production of recycled rubber tyres and thermoplastic rubber to the new plant in Ferrara, which in the meantime has become more and more popular in the sector.

Instead, the establishment in Funo launched the new production of nylon wheels with polyurethane coating.

RES was able to propose a product of excellent workmanship at a very competitive price compared to what the market was offering at the time.

These new products bring RES to be among the first producers in Europe of thermoplastic polyurethane.

2003 saw the inauguration of the new plant in Castel Maggiore on an area of 6000 square meters, of which 3000 square meters were transferred to the management and the new production of the wheels in technopolymers.


Since 2007 RES has been producing a new set of wheels for industrial cleaning machines in nylon with a polyurethane tread achieving a new "non-slip" effect developed in collaboration with a leading European manufacturer and this has allowed RES to be recognized by customers as the reference point for this type of wheel.

Since 2011 RES has been producing a new set of wheels for high temperatures, monolithic and rubbered.


Our Production of industrial wheelsQuality, innovation, competency and the passion for that, which is conducted within the company are the values behind the success achieved so far, shared with all of our clients for whom we work daily to earn their full satisfaction.

The new challenges are the forces that drive us, the interpretation of the needs of our clients, processing technology, the use of innovative raw materials, always of the highest quality, are the values we offer to our clients daily, and they reward us with their preference.


RES has developed fully automated production lines which are extremely flexible. The production line is able to satisfy needs for large quantities or limited edition custom wheels while maintaining a quality standard always adequate to the demands. Constant attention to offer clients the highest reactivity to their demands, has allowed RES to gradually decrease the duration of lead time, at the same time increasing the added value of the service provided.

RES company to dayRES our production to day RES our working machines